Selected Publications, Presentations and News Articles

A Fair Day's Pay For a Fair Day's Work

Professional Adviser, Feb-19

The Family Office Of The Future

Mondo Family Office Forum : Italy, Oct-15

Reporting For High Net Worth Families

Bloomberg Symposium : London, Sep-15

No Looking Back For Jonathan Fry

City Wire, Apr-15

Reflections on Entrepreneurship and Best Practices for Family ...

Wealth Management for High Net Worth Individual : Shanghai, Sep-14

Family Succession Planing and Business Transition for Chinese ...

Lecture at Nan Chong City Commercial Bank : Chengdu, September 2014

Aggregated Reporting

Family Office Summit : Montreux, Jun-14

Improving the effectiveness of the family office

Global Wealth Management & Family Office Forum : Zurich, Nov-12

Best practices for family office asset allocation

Family Office Symposium : London, Mar-12

The challenges of asset allocation in the global economy

FT Family Office Forum : London, Mar-12

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